Over the last 10 years Djirra has seen an increase in technology-facilitated abuse, alongside an increased use of social media and electronic devices. Within the family violence context, the use of technology has created another layer of abuse, where physical distance does not mean that the violence stops. In response to this emerging issue, Djirra is prioritising work around eSafety to create culturally safe, self-determined solutions.

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What is technology-facilitated abuse (TFA)?

Technology-facilitated abuse is a form of family violence that occurs when a person uses technology to control or cause harm to another person.

This can include:

  • Using location tracking technology to stalk or track someone.
  • Sending harassing or threatening messages.
  • Sharing or threatening to share intimate images without consent.
  • Setting up fake profiles with the intent to harm, humiliate or threaten.
  • Accessing accounts (such as email, social media, online banking) without consent.
  • Restricting access to technology (such as breaking devices).

If you or someone you know is experiencing technology-facilitated abuse, reach out to Djirra for support. Freecall 1800 DJIRRA, 9am-10pm, Monday - Friday.

For more information and to report image-based abuse, contact:

If you have immediate concerns for your safety call Triple Zero (000).

About Djirra’s eSafety project

Djirra’s eSafety project aims to increase awareness of the impacts of technology-facilitated abuse on Aboriginal women. We have developed culturally appropriate resources to support our women experiencing this type of abuse. Funding for this project was provided by the eSafety Commissioner.

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Marli’s story
Marli’s story highlights the impact of image-based abuse in an abusive relationship and the importance of trusting your gut when something doesn’t feel right.
Alinta’s story
Alinta’s story highlights the impact of online harassment in an abusive relationship. Alinta finds support through a friend who helps her to recognise that jealousy is not love.
Kirra’s story
Kirra's story highlights the impact of technology-facilitated stalking, and the importance of watching out for the red flags in relationships.
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