We are Djirra

Djirra is a place where culture is shared and celebrated, and where practical support is available to all Aboriginal women and particularly to Aboriginal people who are currently experiencing family violence or have in the past.

As most of our contact is with women, the work we do is predominantly designed by and for Aboriginal women.

We are an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation governed by an Aboriginal Board of Directors who are elected by our members.

Our journey started in 2002 when we were established as the Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention & Legal Service (FVPLS Victoria). Since then we have grown, expanded our services,  and evolved as an organisation, and now we are Djirra.

Djirra is the Woiwurrung word for the reed used by Wurundjeri women for basket weaving. Traditionally, when women gathered to weave, important talks took place and problems were solved. Djirra symbolises Aboriginal women today, still  coming together to share stories, support each other and find solutions.


Antoinette Braybrook is an Aboriginal woman who was born in Victoria on Wurundjeri country. Antoinette’s grandfather and mother’s line is through the Kuku Yalanji, North Queensland.

Antoinette is the CEO of Djirra (formerly the Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service Victoria – FVPLS Victoria), a position she has held since the service was established in 2002.  Djirra is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation which provides holistic, culturally safe and specialist legal and non-legal support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who experience family violence – predominantly women. Djirra also designs and delivers important, community-based early intervention and prevention programs and undertakes policy and law reform work to improve access to justice, strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s resilience and reduce vulnerability to violence.

In addition to Antoinette’s leadership in Victoria, she has held the elected  position of National Convenor of the National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum (National FVPLS Forum) since 2012.  The National FVPLS Forum is the peak body for the 14  FVPLSs throughout Australia.

Antoinette is also the Co-Chair of the Change the Record Campaign. Change the Record is an unprecedented national coalition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, human rights, legal and community organisations that was established to end the disproportionate rates of imprisonment and violence experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Antoinette was awarded the 2015 Law Institute of Victoria: Access to Justice/Pro Bono Award, the 2017 Inspirational Women of Yarra Award, and a 2015 Australian Centre for Leadership for Women award for Sustaining Women’s Empowerment.

Our Team

Djirra has a great team of staff who is committed to providing culturally safe and accessible services to Aboriginal people seeking our support. We have a positive, professional and non-judgmental approach to work. Our staff is based in several offices in metropolitan Melbourne and across regional Victoria.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2014-15
Annual Report 2013-14

Our offices

Melbourne Metro (Head office)

Djirra’s head office is located in Abbotsford and services areas in metropolitan Melbourne.

292 Hoddle Street
Abbotsford Vic  3067


Legal Services team: info.afvls@djirra.org.au

Fax 03 9416 0147
Freecall 1800 105 303
Gippsland region

Our Bairnsdale office services the entire Gippsland region.

27 Pyke Street
Bairnsdale Vic  3875

P.O. Box 1281
Bairnsdale  Vic  3875

Fax 03 5152 3933
Freecall 1800 105 303
Mildura region

Our Mildura office services Mildura local government area and Wentworth and delivers outreach services to Robinvale.

151 Langtree Avenue
Mildura Vic  3500

P.O. Box 10059
Mildura  Vic  3502

Fax 03 5021 3055
Freecall 1800 105 303
Barwon South West region

Our Warrnambool office services Geelong, Warrnambool, Framlingham, Heywood, Hamilton and Portland.

177 Koroit Street
Warrnambool VIC 3280

PO Box 1101
Warrnambool VIC 3280

Fax 03 5562 2311
Freecall 1800 105 303

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