Prevention of Family Violence

Preventing and addressing family violence is at the core of Djirra’s work. All our programs support Aboriginal women’s journey to safety and wellbeing. Our community education and early intervention and prevention programs (Sisters Day Out®, Young Luv® and Dilly Bag) focus on family violence prevention by:

  • drawing on cultural strength to increase resilience
  • reducing social isolation and vulnerability to family violence
  • promoting healthy relationships
  • creating awareness about the ‘power and control’ dynamics of family violence and family violence red flags.

We stand firm with Aboriginal women against family violence and deliver  campaigns to make sure  Aboriginal women’s voices are heard, victim blaming can be stopped and perpetrators can be held accountable. Watch Kiah’s story, our healthy relationships video.

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Cultural & Wellbeing Workshops

Sisters Day Out®

Sisters Day Out® is our long standing wellbeing workshop, where Aboriginal women can support each other, enjoy a pampering session, get information about rights and options, and engage with support services available. Sisters Day Out® workshops are held regularly in community where everyone is welcomed.  For more information on our upcoming workshops, check our events page.

Young Luv®

Young Luv®  is designed for Aboriginal young women aged 13 to 18. It is a half day activity facilitated by Aboriginal women to engage Aboriginal teenagers in a culturally safe space where they can talk about, reflect on and better understand important issues affecting their lives. The Young Luv® workshops are focused on promoting healthy relationships. For more information on our upcoming workshops, check our events page.

Dilly Bag

Dilly Bag is a small group residential workshop which draws on cultural principles and the strength of our Aboriginal heritage in order to promote healing, to motivate and to unlock the potential within each participant according to their expectations and circumstances. For more information on our upcoming workshops, check our events page.

Koori Women's Place

Djirra’s Koori Women’s Place is located at our Abbotsford office in metropolitan Melbourne. Aboriginal women can visit or call the Koori Women’s Place to:

  • join in cultural and social activities
  • connect with our lawyers
  • get personalised support from Aboriginal women in our team who can accompany women to appointments, set up referrals to other services and be trusted companions to women facing the challenges of family violence.


Counselling is now available at Djirra.

To access the Counselling Program at Djirra you have to:
• Identify as an Aboriginal woman.
• Be at least 18 years old.
• Be able to attend the Djirra office at 292 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, 3067.
Counselling is about reflecting on your life. A reason to come to counselling is that you would like things in your life to be different. You might know how you would like them to be but you don’t know the steps to take to create the change.
Counselling is the process of having a support person (counsellor) help you reflect on your life and what you want to change. This counsellor will listen, be non-judgemental, offer a different perspective and assist you to “think about things in a different way”.

Learn more about Counselling available at Djirra by downloading the flyer here.

We are here for Aboriginal women and encourage community members and groups to visit
our Koori Women’s Place at 292 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford and talk to us.