Holistic early intervention and prevention

Preventing and addressing family violence is at the core of Djirra’s work. All our programs support Aboriginal women’s journey to safety and wellbeing. Our programs are trusted, rich in culture, trauma informed, and promote the important work of Djirra, including by offering safe, alternative ways for women to learn about and access family violence and legal supports.

Our community education and early intervention and prevention programs (Sisters Day Out®, Young Luv® and Dilly Bag) focus on family violence prevention by:

  • drawing on cultural strength to increase resilience.
  • reducing social isolation and vulnerability to family violence
  • promoting healthy relationships
  • creating awareness about the ‘power and control’ dynamics of family violence and family violence red flags.

We stand firm with Aboriginal women against family violence and deliver campaigns to make sure Aboriginal women’s voices are heard, victim blaming can be stopped and perpetrators can be held accountable.

Our workshops bring Aboriginal together in culturally safe and supportive environments. These workshops provide opportunities to:

  • Make new connections, renew friendships, and strengthen relationships between Aboriginal women.
  • Get information about family violence and the impact of unhealthy relationships on us, as individuals and on our families and communities
  • Find out where and how to get support and assistance from Djirra and other services.
  • Talk with Djirra lawyers and case workers.
  • Share the positive energy that culture, and community brings to each of us when we come together.

Djirra knows that coming along to our workshops minimises social isolation and reduces vulnerability to family violence.

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Cultural & Wellbeing Workshops

Sisters Day Out®

Sisters Day Out® is a one-day wellbeing workshop held regularly in community, where Aboriginal women support each other, get information about legal rights and options, and engage with mainstream and Aboriginal support services.

Sisters Day In

A specialised version of Sisters Day Out is delivered to our sisters in Dame Phyllis Frost Centre and Tarrengower Prison.

Young Luv®

YoungLuv is designed for young Aboriginal women, aged 13 to 18. It is a half day activity facilitated by Aboriginal women to engage Aboriginal teenagers in a culturally safe space where they can talk about, reflect on, and better understand important issues affecting their lives. This workshop aims to equip young women with information and skills to challenge unhealthy relationships, and to practise positive and safe behaviours.

Dilly Bag

Dilly Bag is a residential on country gathering of Aboriginal women that draws from cultural principals to inform Aboriginal women’s ways of being in order to live a culturally safe and meaningful lifestyle.

Koori Women's Place

Djirra’s Koori Women’s Place (KWP) is a unique cultural program based in Abbotsford and provides a diverse range of supports. Aboriginal women can visit or call the KWP to:

  • Join in cultural, wellbeing and social activities face to face or through our online workshops
  • Unwind and take a break
  • Get information about upcoming Sisters Day Out, Dilly Bag and Young Luv workshops
  • Access practical support
  • Connect with other Djirra services (Lawyers, Case Workers, Counsellors)
  • Access our visiting services to get information and advice (e.g. Centrelink, Births, Deaths and Marriages)