DJIRRA launches Hidden Figures campaign

DJIRRA to launch Hidden Figures campaign in celebration of 2018 NAIDOC theme Because of Her, We Can.


Tomorrow, DJIRRA will launch a  new campaign, Hidden Figures.  Hidden Figures brings to the fore the purpose, meaning and value of the life of each and every Aboriginal woman – those in the spotlight and all those hidden in the shadows. Regardless of roles, duties and titles, DJIRRA (formerly Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service Victoria) supports all Aboriginal women in their essence and in their culture.

Aboriginal women have been and continue to be leaders, activists and protectors of Aboriginal culture and identity. However, despite certain Aboriginal women being promoted, throughout history and still today many Aboriginal women continue to confront racism, poverty, violence and vilification on a daily basis; seeking dignity but denied it; cherishing their children but torn from them; wanting safety but facing pain. These are the Hidden Figures: the women obscured from public consciousness and living in the shadows. For some Aboriginal women, this kind of invisibility may be a choice; for others it is not.

Aboriginal women are often viewed as one thing. This video campaign created by DJIRRA, with funding from DJIRRA and Victoria Legal Aid, aims to show that Aboriginal are not just victims, and they are not just leaders. They are simply Aboriginal women. And for that alone, they deserve to be heard, respected and celebrated.

“DJIRRA is a voice for the hidden figures. DJIRRA works with Aboriginal women who are invisible to our system, overlooked by decision-makers and silenced by systemic barriers,” says Antoinette Braybrook, CEO of DJIRRA.

Aboriginal women from across Victoria participated in the video. These women, all of whom work in the justice and legal setting, stand united in saying that the work we do is not about us it is about the ‘hidden figures’.

On Tuesday, 17th July will see 200+ Aboriginal women gathering at Northcote’s Regal Ballroom at 218 High Street, Northcote for DJIRRA’s Sisters Day Out workshop to celebrate NAIDOC’s 2018 theme of Because of Her, We Can and launch DJIRRA’s Hidden Figures campaign.

DJIRRA workshops have been running since 2008 and have reached more than 10,000 Aboriginal women across Victoria. Sisters Day Out gives Aboriginal women an opportunity to come together in a culturally safe and celebratory space to connect, support eachother, access information about rights and options, and engage with support services available on the day including lawyers, counselors and social workers.

“Each Aboriginal woman connecting with DJIRRA – using a service, attending a workshop, joining a project, advocating for change – has a story to tell. Telling it is her choice. But in voicing it – be that quietly, hesitantly, proudly or powerfully – she defines what it is to be an Aboriginal woman. It is because of her, that other Aboriginal women can,” says Ms Braybrook.

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