Djirra announces inaugural Djirra Keepers – a significant gathering of influential Aboriginal women

Yesterday in Melbourne, Djirra has held the inaugural gathering of the Djirra Keepers hosted by Antoinette Braybrook, CEO, and supported by the senior Aboriginal women of Djirra.

“Djirra Keepers celebrates the role of the special Aboriginal women who have been an important part of Djirra’s journey and recognises their ongoing involvement into the future”, Ms Braybrook said.

“This gathering of twenty Aboriginal women marks a significant point in Djirra’s journey. The women who were here yesterday come from a range of ages, experiences and different parts of Victoria, and have all played a part in what Djirra has become and in promoting and advocating the interests of Aboriginal women”.

Djirra is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation with specialist expertise in family violence. Djirra has been working on the ground to support Aboriginal victims and survivors of family violence for over 16 years.

“Djirra’s focus is strengths based with a strong cultural focus. Everything we do is by Aboriginal women and for Aboriginal women – Aboriginal women’s business. This is what we acknowledged yesterday. It is a gathering that has come together to say that Djirra will support women and we want the women who have been a part of our journey to be with us”, Ms Braybrook said.

“All the women who were here yesterday are respected and influential women in their own right. Djirra wants to respect, acknowledge and value all their contributions and say the Djirra Keepers will always be a part of what we do”.

The Djirra Keepers will be formally announced and introduced at Djirra’s NAIDOC event on 23 July.