Our Choice, Our Voice!

For 20 years Djirra has celebrated the self determination of Aboriginal women, standing strong, sharing stories, and finding solutions. Writing our own scripts for our own lives.

Our Choice, Our Voice!

Djirra is Aboriginal women – affirming our identity, as nurturers, keepers of life, keepers of culture. Listen to the story of Djirra as we look towards our future – a future which has unlimited options.

This NAIDOC week you can have a place in the story of Djirra. Support our women and our self-determination by donating today or sponsoring a table of Aboriginal women to attend our 20th Anniversary Gala. You can donate via our GiveNow, or contact gala@djirra.org.au for more information about Gala sponsorship.

Get up, Stand up, Show up! #NAIDOC2022 #wehavethesolutions #Aboriginalwomenslivesmatter

This video was made with the generous support of Visual Domain