EOFY donation appeal 2019

Donations to Djirra are tax deductible. You can secure a tax break for Financial Year 2018 / 2019 by donating to Djirra before 30 June 2019.

Your donation will make a difference in the lives of victims and survivors of family violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Victoria. It will assist Djirra to meet increasing demand and continue to provide vital legal and holistic services to victims and survivors of family violence including frontline legal assistance, early intervention prevention and critical community legal education activities.

At this time, your donation is particularly helpful as Djirra is experiencing growth and is expanding the delivery of its services to new locations in Victoria. In the last few months, Djirra launched offices in Morwell and Bendigo to deliver its services to our women, where they are. There are now seven regional offices of Djirra in Victoria.

Also, our Koori Women’s Place, located at our Head Office in Abbotsford, is consolidating and expanding its role as a culturally safe place where women can join in cultural and social activities, and get personalised support from Aboriginal women in our team.

Thank you for your generosity and your support.



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