Djirra Keepers revealed

At Djirra NAIDOC event, Antoinette Braybrook, Djirra CEO, highlighted contribution at the UN Human Rights Council and announced names of Djirra Keepers

“On 29 May this year a number of us gathered to officially announce our Djirra Keepers. Djirra Keepers are powerful and influential and many of our most respected Aboriginal women who have committed their lives to promoting and advocating in their own way for Aboriginal women”, Ms Braybrook said.

“Each of them are respected and influential women in their own right.  We acknowledge and value the contributions they have made, and have asked them to continue the journey with us in a special way – as our Djirra Keepers”.

“Djirra Keepers is about honouring the voices of Aboriginal women. I have just returned from attending the UN Human Rights Council where I was able to provide a voice for Aboriginal women on a world stage and highlight the issues that are important for us”, Ms Braybrook said.

“This was an opportunity to say not just to the Australian Government but to the world that the injustice, racism, loss of our women’s lives, and the destruction of our families must stop”.

“Djirra works towards Aboriginal women and their children being strong in identity, thriving in culture and living free from violence and disadvantage through culturally safe frontline services, prevention programs and advocacy for change. Djirra is a place where culture is shared and celebrated”, Ms Braybrook said.

“Djirra exists because Aboriginal women have shared their stories – those we work with, and those who work with us. There are many challenges ahead of us, but Djirra is strong because we are all on this journey together”.

The Djirra Keepers are:

Marion Hansen, Lisa Thorpe, Karen Bryant,

Kylie Belling, Aunty Joy Murphy, Aunty Pat Ockwell,

Aunty Di Kerr, Aunty Pam Pedersen, Aunty Zeta Thomson,

Bernice Clarke, Lee Wanganeen, Gail Crozier,

Adeline Thomas, Kelly Faldon, Wanda Bargo,

Aunty Faye Carter, Aunty Nellie Flagg, Aunty Barb Egan, Raylene Harradine.



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